IT/ICT service providers are no exception. It is expected that they keep their interaction with customers as culturally comprehensible as possible by localizing their products, services, and communication. In the process of localization, which translation is an indispensable part of, a small mistake in localized IT/ICT documents may lead to the failure of a competitive strategy or even the whole business of both IT/ICT service providers and their clients, who are seeking cutting-edge IT/ICT solutions to improve productivity and meet business targets. Translation products therefore should be delivered to highest attainable standards of accuracy, speed, and confidentiality.

Understanding how important translation is in the IT/ICT industry, SKG International helps clients overcome the language barrier by providing a high-quality language solution.


With more than 20 years of experience, we are capable of offering a comprehensive and agile translation service, meeting global standards and applying advanced technology to satisfy clients’ various needs.

With a strong network of highly skilled and professional translators, SKG International is proud to deliver our translation service in more than 50 language pairs, helping clients achieve a global reach. Our linguists are committed to speed, efficiency and quality in translating all types of IT/ICT materials.

We provide a comprehensive language solution to various IT/ICT documents, including but not limited to:

-        Website and digital contents

-        Software and Applications

-        Global services for machine intelligence

-        Databases

-        Testing

-        Instruction and direction for use

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