All translation projects are conducted in a four-step process as described below:

Step 1: Receipt of a project

Upon receiving any translation project and its requirements from a client, qualified translators are selected based on how relevant their experience is to the specific subject matter. Translators are allocated on a project basis, or the client may request the same translator or team of translators for all of their different projects.

A glossary and references are then sent to translators who have been selected to work on the project.

Step 2: TEP (Translation – Editing – Proofreading)

Any translation product goes through TEP, i.e. Translation, Editing, and Proofreading, which is strictly followed by the selected team of translators and reviewers. Translators, editors and proofreaders work closely to achieve highest attainable standards.

During TEP, open communication is initiated and maintained between the client and the team of translators, editors and proofreaders to better understand the the client’s specific requirements.

Editors and proofreaders are responsible for ensuring consistency and stylistic choices across all translation work in a project. Translation work is also proofread at this stage to review its accuracy, context, syntax, grammar, and punctuation.

hieuunganh-com_5b9745a9ee318.pngStep 3: Quality Assurance (QA)

Translation products in a translation project are spot-checked for quality assurance. The approved translation products are then formatted to meet a set of visual presentation guidelines. It is important for the client to provide the team of reviewers or the reviewer, who is responsible for quality assurance, with immediate feedback so that translation products can be modified and fine-tuned before moving on to Step 4.

Step 4: Finalization & Summary

Translation products are finalized and handed over to the client. Feedback is collected from the client on the final outcomes. The team of translators and reviewers (editors and proofreaders) reflects on their translation work and the client’s feedback to see what improvements should be made for upcoming projects.

Thanks to our standardized translation project process, dedicated and professional team of translators and reviewers, SKG International is highly appreciated by our existing clients for our discipline and has won their trust in delivering a top-notch translation service.

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