Translating technical documents is a demanding task in many ways. A high level of accuracy is always expected. Each technical material contains a unique set of terminologies, which requires translators to have an insight into the subject matter and layers of meaning behind every term. Every type of technical document (guides, journals, manuals, etc.) is also unique due to language and cultural differences. It is important for language service providers to know the language and stylistic choices meant for each type of document and make decisions accordingly in terms of language use and presentation of information.

Understanding how challenging technical translation can be, SKG International helps clients overcome the language barrier by providing a high-quality language solution across different technical fields.


With more than 20 years of experience, we are confident to ensure the coherence and accuracy across our translation work. Our selective pool of professional translators, who have a good grasp of technical jargons and relevant industry knowledge, are capable of producing technically sound translation products. Their quality of work is also strictly governed by a four-step translation project process to attain highest attainable standards.


We provide comprehensive language solutions to various technical documents, including but not limited to:

- Technical reports

- Instructions and directions for use

- Product specifications

- User manuals

- Nutrition facts and labels

-  Drug description

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