There are different types of translation such as book translation, document translation (contracts, certifications, reports, etc.). Although each category requires specific qualifications, all of translation should be delivered with highest quality standards including accuracy, rapidity, and confidentiality


Being a quality-oriented service provider, Sao Khue Company has always tried our best to offer highest quality translation services to clients in various fields and sectors.


Sao Khue posesses a number of advantages to become a pioneer in terms of translation quality assurance. We own a large pool of professional translators who are carefully selected from around the world. Not only are they good at language skills but they also have rich translation experiences in different fields. Moroever, Sao Khue develops a strict translation process to produce multi-lingual documents of the highest quality. Throughout the company’s history, we have been driving the level of quality and services higher and higher in order to meet increasing demands of customers.


Sao Khue confidently guarantees our translation quality, ensures fastest time-to-market and reduces costs for customers through our wide suite of services.


Which industries does Sao Khue work on?

Sao Khue has more than 20 years of experience in document translation in a broad range of sectors, such as:

-        Economics

-        Technical areas

-        IT/ ICT

-        Law

-        Medical and healthcare

-   ......

For further information about our translation services, please contact us via:

Hotline: (+84) 905 583689