Interpretation is widely used in international meetings, conferences or large-scale events with the representation of people from diverse states.

There are different types of interpretation:

-        Consecutive interpretation

-        Simultaneous interpretation

-        Conference services

-        Over-the-phone interpretation


With a strong network of highly skilled interpreters, project management experts, and thousands of  competent freelancers, Sao Khue Company is capable of offering professional interpretation services that meet various global business needs.


Understanding that high-quality interpreters is a key factor that decides the successful delivery of interpreting services and effective communication among speakers, Sao Khue has always selected our linguist experts thoroughly. They are not only highly qualified and experienced but also have in-depth knowledge of speakers’ and audiences’ culture.  Most importanty, our interpreters always comply with strict professionalism standards and procedures to facilitate smooth interactions between  different languages.


In addition, Sao Khue is able to select and assign suitable interpreters to work on a wide range of events such as business negotiations, conferences, teleconferences, seminars, trade fairs, interviews, workshops,  assistance for visitors, shopping trips, etc.


We always make sure that our employees will seek for and analyze feedback from service users upon completion of each project in order to confirm levels of customer satisfaction and continually raise our quality standards.


Why should you choose Sao Khue for interpreting services?

-        6 years of interpretation experience

-    Skilled and experienced language experts: comprehensive and practical local experiences.

-        Strong background in the subject matter of the assignment, acquired either through education or practices.

-        ISO Quality Control commitment

-        24/7 available support, including days-off.


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