With almost 20 years of experience, Sao Khue Company offers a full range of multimedia solutions that combine advanced technological solutions with our widely available language resources and project management expertise.

Voice-over and Dubbing services

Sao Khue has maintained an extensive network of professional voice talents in over 50 languages, e.g. English, Korean, Japanese, French, Russian, etc. They are available to record whatever your requirements and needs: company manifestos, messages, menu/options, etc. Our native-speaking voice-over actors have experience of how to effectively and professionally convey your messages to not only the global marketplace but also the local communities in the style, tone, and voice that you prefer.


Moreover, our in-house recording studios are also well-equipped with a modern machine system, professional technical supervisors to ensure perfect timing, sound quality, and highest quality voice-over and dubbing products.

In term of dubbing services, we are able to deal with different multimedia formats such as Audio for films, presentations, slides, websites, videos; automated telephone messages; podcast and video podcast programs and recordings to meet a wide range of customer demands.

We always guaratee you that your final files are of excellent quality and available in all common media file formats (mp3, mp4, CD, etc.).

The services we offer include:

-        Voice-over Services

-        Dubbing Services

-        Subtitling, Captioning Services

-        Transcription Services


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