Inspired by 20 years of experience in the translation industry of its founder, Sao Khue Translation International (SKG International) Company has become a market leader in the country’s potential but not-yet fully tapped translation and interpretation sector. Back to the summer of 1997 when Mr. Nguyen Dang Khue joined the industry as a fresh graduate from Hanoi University, Vietnam’s leading translation education institution, he held the ambition to create a business-oriented translation house for the professionals.


Pooling a network of translators and interpreters, Khue drove the team bonded together for 10 years all as freelancers before he established his first company and put the translation as a sideline business among some others. Amidst the rudimentary translation market, Khue saw the need for an even more focused and service-minded firm that could deal with large, complex projects with quick and accurate turn around. In 2013, Mr. Nguyen Dang Khue, commonly known as Sao Khue in the industry, founded Sao Khue Group, then SKG International, to fill that gap.


SKG International’s mission is to become a one-stop shop for all premium quality language-related services. Over the years, SKG International grew from scratch out of a small room on the 9th floor of an office building with few old equipment into one of the country’s leading and most reputable translation and business services firms. Today, SKG International occupies comfortable, fully equipped offices and accommodates a network of over 2,000 translators and interpreters across the world.


The company is also largely recognized by leading businesses and international organizations in Vietnam as an independent testing, training, and certification agency for linguists who wishes to pursuit their job a translator/interpreter. Sao Khue Translators and Interpreters Training Center, Sao Khue Talent Academy, SKG International (all come under the umbrella of Sao Khue Group) have become the country’s largest privately held translators/interpreters training, testing and certifying institution, churn out hundreds of professionals for the industry every year.


SKG International and Sao Khue Group are now serving hundreds of the world’s leading companies and governments. All projects that we provide to our clients are ensured with the highest quality and whole-hearted commitments. And you could become one of them. Join us.